Saturday, June 16, 2018


Wow. Aku memang update blog ni setahun sekali je agaknya.

Soooo, I deactivated all my social media account trying to live a cave man because I have bad impulses every time I saw something unpleasant. For example, someone tweeted one person's name that I personally would love to kill (no not really jail life doesn't suit me) and conveniently anxiety Zahirah will come knocking and invite me to the land of no tomorrow. I would stuck in the land for quite some time and questioning about my life existence and such. social media for me.

So my last post have 23 views. I assume they clicked the blogspot because of the tittle. Either that or my creepy stalker shared my blog link to his other 22 friend or he views the blogpost for 23 times because 23 is better than one.

I still write a lot. But not on blogspot because I posted most of them to my personal blog which no one knows.

Anywayyy, I wanted to start writing here again. So, expect some blogpost from me yeah?

Selamat Hari Raya wishing you all the most blessed aidilfitri ever :)

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