Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Tak puasa hehe


Few days left before syawal and I'm so happy that I'm home enjoying delicious berbuka meal with my family. Eating berbuka alone at campus has taught me that loneliness kills you dude. You have ample time to let your mind wander in darkness. So don't be alone. Nobody deserves eating berbuka alone because berbuka is the most enjoying time of the day during ramadhan when you get to eat all the fancy foods that are only available during ramadhn haha.

So there was a day that I can't puasa. I was preparing my 2 years old niece's meal at the kitchen and she was with me. Since she's only 2 and having hard time to pronounce words with "r" I thought she would not care if I take a bite of the meal (it was KFC tho sedap sia) so i took a bite.

She immediately gave me a deadly stare and said "Mak Teh tak puasa ke?"

Terkunjat. Anjat boboi

"Huishh. Mak Teh terlupalah...ish ish ish" while drinking pepsi. Hehe

Aku tak nak uploadlah gambar anak buah aku dekat sini. Hampa semua pedophile.

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